4 Hidden Lightroom Features You Really Should Know About

Lightroom is probably one of the most popular editing tools available in the market. Due to its reliability and an eye for ease of use, it has been able to surpass the competition of delivering the latest creative tools to photographers.

There are a great number of the Lightroom features that can help you create the perfect images that you want. If you’re going to speed and improve your workflow, here are some of the best features you can use

Creative Hidden Lightroom Features

1.Using Caps Lock for Auto Advance

This is a favorite feature when you want to work fast in a library module. When Caps Lock is on, the keyboards shortcuts can be used to add metadata onto an image and instantaneously move to the next image. With the single key presses, you can keep the shoot moving in the Lightroom.

Though this may not be that easy and small, it is a very effective method. You can simply do this by clicking Caps Lock on the keyboard or using the Photo to Auto-Advance menu option.

2.Virtual Copy

In the Lightroom, it is possible to have numerous virtual copies. The good thing about this is that each of the copy can have a different collection of sets which bring out different images. With this, you can be able to compare the best option with the desirable results.

It’s worth noting that a virtual copy is not a duplicate of the original image. It is a set of orders that are derived from the original file or rather an addition of further instructions to the image file.

You can choose “Create Virtual Copy by right-clicking on the image thumbnail, or you can click Ctrl+’ on your PC to create a new virtual copy. It can help you try out different things having no second copy on your originals. Also, you consume less hard disk space.

3.Precision Cropping

Indisputably, you can’t crop images to pixel-level precision in the Lightroom; this is mostly on a small monitor. Though this doesn’t matter for most of the images, it’s equally vital to some scenes.


For example, you may have a landscape, and you want to include a great portion of the sky, but there is a tree branch hanging on your upper corner. If you crop at the pixel level, you can have the largest part of the sky.

It is great for the trickiest images though it is invaluable for certain photographs. You can also explore the cool sleeklens features to obtain the best Lightroom reviews.

4.Match Total Exposure

This option helps you take numerous photographs that have different exposures. You can then adjust them to have the brightness of the same level. You can do this by holding the Control key and clicking on the photos that you want to have the same brightness. Then you can click again to have a perfect match on all the photos.

With this option, you can also blend several photographs into a panorama, to have the same brightness. Remember that all these works depending on the settings of your camera.

To sum up, if you as a photographer find out that Photoshop is over-featured or too complicated for your needs, Lightroom features have been designed to change your editing life and take it to the next level. If you need some more precise preview, Lightroom has got built-in options that can help you.

Altogether, it is not an easy program to use; you will find out that most of the useful tools are always hidden in unexpected places.