5 Essential Photography Gear Items for Beginners

If you are a beginner in photography, taking the leap from the basic point of shooting to a full-blown professional is not an easy task. Buying the camera is just a small part of the equation. However, it is always not easy to know what exactly you need in order to move forward.

Therefore, having a thoughtful outlook and a creative eye can make someone a long way in the photography field. In addition, photography can be an expensive hobby, but it does not have to be. You will need few gears to start you off as a beginner.

The most important thing to note is that there are a few key bits of gears that you should have and nothing more than that as you kick off your photography profession. Assuming you already own a cheap, but an effective camera, in this guide, we take a dive at he must have essential tools.

1. Tripod

Very few camera accessories are necessary and versatile like a Tripod. Whether you are shooting landscape, portrait, straight or night, at one point, you are going to require the use of a tripod stand.

Tripod stands are useful especially in low light settings. The stability of the stand allows you to take a longer exposure shot without shaking the camera. The stability of the stand is essential in things like taking sky photographs and nighttime selfie.

2. Remote shutter release

A remote shutter release is important since it allows you to take a shot without having to touch the body of the camera. Thus, it helps eliminate the potential of camera shake and accidental blurring.

Mostly, it is used in conjunction with the tripod. Notably, there are two types of shutters. Wireless and wired. However, it does not matter the one you choose to use.

3. Prime Lens

This applies to people with a DSLR and mirror less cameras. As you progress, you will use plenty type of lenses that let you take a different type of shots. However, for a start, you are better off starting with a single prime lens. A prime lens refers to a lens that does not zoom.

The importance of the right photography gear like prime lens is that it teaches you a lot about composition techniques. With a fixed lens in place, it teaches you how to think through the stretches and helps you grow your skills faster.

4. Speedlight

At one point, every photographer needs a Speedlight also known as a flashlight even if you are not planning to shoot in the dark. Moreover, it is advisable not to use the inbuilt flashlight on your camera body. It is simply not good enough. Instead, invest a little bit on the external flash unit.

Notably, once you start using flashlights, you will be using batteries like crazy, thus you also need to invest in rechargeable batteries.

5. SD cards

From experience, it is essential to have small SD cards rather than a big one. In this way, if a card gets corrupted, you can still pull out others and you continue with your work. There is nothing annoying like being unable to shoot due to the fact that your card is dead. Besides, you should ensure you buy the right type of card for photography.