Can You Take Too Much Cbd

The answer is “yes” but comes with few “buts” at the end. Disclaimer: Information about the toxicity of CBD is scanty and unofficial, so the information given in this post is based on rough estimates.

What qualifies to be “too much”?

The “toxic” dose of Cannabidiol falls in the region of 20,000mg taken at once or closely. But the starting dose for any condition tends to be around 5 – 20mg per day. These studies seem to have been based on dosages of 1,500mg per day. Yet most tinctures come between 100 – 1,500mg in the whole bottle.

If you consider the above suggestions, you will realize that an individual would need to ingest 14 – 200 whole CBD bottles at once to be regarded as intoxicated. But that’s going to depend on an array of factors including the concentration of the CBD and other cofactors on the part of the user.

Is a “toxic” CBD dose lethal?

The answer is both “yes” and “no”.

The dose of CBD (20,000mg) is not considered to be lethal. The consensus among professionals, even the WHO (World Health Organization), is that CBD doesn’t elicit life-threatening effects when consumed to its “toxic” level. When the toxic dose is taken, CBD causes diarrhea, stomach upsets, lethargy, disorienting side, and drowsiness but not death.

What if you surpass the “toxicity” level of 20,000mg and consume, say 40,000mg? Well, because of the minimal research about the toxicity of CBD, no one really knows what would happen.

But a few bad things could potentially happen to your body. In 2011, WHO found that 20,000mg of CBD in your system can cause hormonal imbalance. This means things can get worse if you consume more than what is regarded as the toxic limit of 20,000mg. Check to learn more about the “toxicity” of CBD.

Bottom line

Unless you’re trying to commit suicide – which would be incredibly futile – the starting dose of CBD for most conditions doesn’t come anywhere close to being toxic even if you multiply the dose by 100.