Health Benefits of Winter Walks

Many people view the winter season as the best time to stay indoors all day long curled up on the couch sipping hot coffee. There’s nothing wrong with staying in the house but a drop in the temperature is not enough reason to live a sedentary life. It goes without saying that according to some people, winter is the best time to watch the latest movie and television series, play indoor games and video games among other indoor activities, but there’s something else you can do to benefit both mentally and physically during winter.

If wondering what you can do, get out of the house and walk as it will be good for your health. Here are the health benefits of winter walks.

1. Lowers the risk of osteoporosis

The winter sun is very important in your body as it lowers the risk of osteoporosis. When you stay indoors, you deprive your body of vitamin D which plays a major role in keeping your bones strong.

According to experts, 15 minutes walk in the sun triggers the production of vitamin D in the skin which is needed by your bones to absorb calcium. Therefore, utilize the sunny winter day and join hands with your spouse or friends and go for a walk and say no to osteoporosis.

2. Boosts your moods

Winter is associated with many negatives things. For instance, the weather is colder, days are shorter, not sure of what to wear, what to drink, what to do in the house all day long among others. These reasons lead to depression but the good news is that winter walks are an effective intervention for depression as they release endorphins that restore your moods. According to research, 20-30 minutes walk in the winter can trigger the release of endorphin so take advantage of winter and walk at least three times a week and stay happy all your life.

3. Burn extra calories

Are you tired of extra calories in your body yet you don’t want to involve yourself in any workout? Well, we have good news for you today because walking in winter is all you need. When you walk in the cold from time to time, your body works harder to stay warm which helps you to burn more calories.

Most importantly, walking in winter is a sustainable strategy to clear your mind and reduce stress which in turn helps to lose weight.

4. Helps you live longer

It goes without saying that everybody wants to enjoy life up to 100 years. However, due to unavoidable circumstances such as age-related diseases, many people die prematurely. Even if you can do nothing to decide how long you’ll live, you can definitely influence how long you live and walking in winter is one great strategy to living longer. Walking in cold reduces the chances of early death and improves your memory in old age.

5. Speeds up cancer recovery

Cancer has become one of the leading causes of death worldwide. But did you know that walking in winter can speed up cancer recovery? According to research, if breast cancer patients can walk one mile a day during winter.

They would have a 40% less risk of dying from the disease. Similarly, prostate cancer patients could minimize the risks of dying by a third. Interestingly walking in the cold reduces the impact of side effects associated with cancer treatment.

Bottom line

Many people view winter as the best time to stay indoors but surprisingly, it gives you an opportunity to live a longer, happier and healthier life. Walking in the winter also gives you an opportunity to meet new friends and if you want to enjoy every stride, walk along your dog, children or partner and you’ll never feel cold or exhaustion.