How Do I Keep My Feet Warm In The Winter Boots

An executive way of keeping your feet warm during winter is as easy as following the tips in this article. Excess and prolonged cold feet can result in a condition known as frostbite. It is equally good to keep your feet warm especially during the winter season. There are many ways to keep your feet warm during the winter season.

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Wear double layered socks

The first step to keep your feet warm is by wearing double-layered socks. These are the best socks to keep your feet warm. Smartwool socks are also one of the best socks to wear as they are warm and machine-washable. You can also put on a pair of knee-high nylons inside the Smartwool socks to add on to your feet warm.

Wear minimal breathing boots

You should always wear trail shoes or boots made of full leather, as they keep your feet away from wind and cold. Boots with a mesh upper are not boots to wear during the winter season due to their allowance of airflow in the feet.

Use a paper insulator

Another trick to keep your feet warm is by using a paper towel. Wrap your feet all around then put on your boots. The paper is not meant to add on the thickness but to act as an insulator from the cold environment and hence helps in maintaining the available warmth in your feet.

Use toe warmers

Toe warmers are more of thin shoe innersoles. Toe warmers are made in such a way that they get activated once unsealed from their packets and can keep your feet warm for up to six hours. Toe warmers can be put above or below your toes and then put on your winter boots.

Avoid snow and rain

Finally, another way to keep your feet warm during winter is by avoiding snow and rain. These are the main cause of cold feet.