How long do composite veneers last?

Everybody wants to have the best smile but sometimes that can be impossible since it depends on teeth. Tooth problems are also hard to foresee which is why most people end up with stained or chipped teeth. Whatever the cause of the problem, you can have “plastic surgery” for teeth to rectify the problem. Veneers are very common considering that they offer the perfect solution to discolored, chipped or even crooked teeth.

Composite veneers

These are one type of veneers that you can use to brighten your teeth. They are usually cheaper but they also have some disadvantages.


  • Affordability is one of the major concerns when it comes to dental procedures. Composite veneers provide a solution since they can be done at affordable prices.
  • Composite veneers can be installed during one visit. You don’t have to waste time on two appointments unless you want to.
  • This procedure is also less invasive. The dentist doesn’t have to remove a bigger section of the tooth to place the veneer.
  • They are easily removable. In case you change your mind about having them you can have the dentist take them out.


Composite veneers require regular and proper maintenance. Without this, they can become discolored. Part of maintenance involves polishing regularly to ensure that the original color is maintained. They tend to last for shorter durations than their counterparts, porcelain veneers. They can absorb water which can lead to discoloration.



One of the methods of installation of composite veneers involves the application of resin to the tooth before it “is sculpted” in the mouth. The other method involves taking out a section of the enamel before making “impressions” of the teeth.

With the latter option, you will have to make two visits to the doctor. The veneers will be placed on the last visit. Whatever method is used less amount of tooth will be taken.

You can easily find a qualified doctor to perform such an operation in your location. Any doctor installing composite veneers in brisbane will give you all the information you need before the procedure to get you prepared. It is, however, an uncomplicated process that should not be painful. Make sure the doctor you choose has the experience to ensure the operation goes smoothly.


Given the many advantages of composite veneers, it’s common to wonder how long it lasts. You should have them for at least 4 years. If taken care of properly they can last up to 8years. It’s important to remember that composite veneers are great for discolored teeth or teeth that are a little chipped. If you have a lot of space between your teeth or major alignment problems then this may not be the best option.


When done correctly, composite veneers will look stunning and give you the best smile. They take less time to install, have a very minimal chance of developing complications and provide guaranteed results which is an admirable smile. You have to remember to polish the veneer properly to enhance durability. If not, they may become chipped as well. Your doctor should be able to explain to you all the maintenance procedures and how to handle any issue that arises. Remember that you can remove them anytime in a similarly painless procedure.