How to Help a Drug Addict

Drug addiction has become common these days, more youths have become addicted to using hard drugs. This is attributed to some change in lifestyles and precious in life that makes a lot of people to result in consuming these substances to make them forget about their miserable lives. Other people start using drugs just because of curiosity or because those very close to them are using.

They don’t want to feel out of place or isolated from their friends. For others, it is for athletic purpose. Continuous uses of drugs lead to addiction that force one to always consume the drugs on a regular basis for his or her body to function well.

The symptoms of drug addiction include change in individual behavior, red or stuffy eyes, lack of motivation or energy at work, mood swings withdrawal from family members and many more.

Below are the methods on how to help a drug addict

1. Encourage healthy habits

When a close friend or family member is suffering from drug addiction, you will easily notice from a decline in the mental, physical health and poor hygiene. Depression and anxiety are the common symptoms of drug addiction; the worse thing with these negative effects is that they encourage the addict to consume even more than the normal amount.

It is the best thing to encourage the addicted person to get proper medical attention or seek the help of united recovery to help them restore their health issues. Establishing a well-structured environment with good and healthy eating habits with proper physical exercise will make them think again on the other aspects of life and start to have a healthy lifestyle.

2. Use compassion

It is with great wisdom to handle an addict with the highest love ever, don’t try to make them feel like they are no longer important people in life. Encourage them and be gentle enough to them so that they can have the same view of lie with you. This will encourage the addicted person to turn away from the addiction.

Without proper care and treatment, the addicted person may get cut off from the family members and the society. So always keep this in mind while approaching such people.

With negative social and moral support the affected person fears and run away from his or her close friends and relatives. But with high level of compassion and care you can easily end up changing the life of affected person, some of the compassion methods to use include family inclusion in the therapy process, use of open question to establish the extent and cause of addiction, emphasizing care and love and listing to them and acknowledging the pain they are going through.

3. Don’t focus on guilt or shame

An addicted person is always shameful and guilty of his or her addictive behavior. They feel judged by friends around them are will always respond defensively to anything that is leveled against them.


It is in order to always consider their feelings and try to take them the way they are in a positive manner. By doing so makes them feel accommodated and loved. This makes it possible for them to take easily the advice you are offering to them.