Is Taking Hormone Replacement Safe

There is no clear answer to this question but the good thing is that there exist secure places for replacement of hormones.Initially, hormone therapy was frequently used to safeguard lasting health and to also cure menopausal symptoms. Over time, advanced clinical attempts in the laboratory indicated health challenges.

The truth of the matter is hormone replacement therapy can be used effectively at a times to cure menopausal symptoms inclusive of vaginal discomfort and hot flashes.

The method has also shown to prevent the loss of bone and to also minimize fracture in women with postmenopausal issues.

Apart from its benefits, hormone therapy encompasses certain risks. The aforementioned health risk usually relies on certain things, including the length of the treatment you have used has taken, the dose and the hormone therapy type you have used.

For efficiency, before hormone therapy is applied to an individual, it should be tailored properly and be reevaluated to ensure that its benefits surpass the risks.

Hormone Therapy Benefits

The benefits of hormone replacement therapy phoenix usually rely on whether you are fond of low-dose vaginal therapy or systematic hormone therapy.

• Low-dose Vaginal Products (Preparations of Estrogen)

They normally come in either ring or tablet form and cream. They can comfortably cure certain urinary symptoms and vaginal symptoms. They also reduce the absorption of these symptoms in the body.

• Systematic Hormone Therapy

Systematic estrogen comes in the form of spray, pill, cream, gel or patch. They provide the best results in curing menopausal night sweats and hot flashes. They can also reduce menopausal vaginal symptoms like itching, discomfort during intercourse and burning. Combined progesterone and estrogen therapy can minimize colon cancer risk. They can also safeguard a person against osteoporosis disease.

Hormone Therapy Risks

They are always associated with serious conditions that include:

• Breast cancer

• Stroke

• Heart disease

• Blood clots

In conclusion, judicious, temporary and careful hormones use is always considered safe. Therefore, before taking any hormone therapy, you need to be in contact or consult your physician, gynecologist or internist to advise you accordingly.