Healthy protein snack box with chicken breast, cheese, hardboiled eggs

How Much Protein Should You Take During The Day?

They come from small molecules called amino acids that are joined together like pearls on a string. Joined amino acids form protein chains which are folded into complex shapes. They are also known as body builders which make muscles, skin, hormones, organs, enzymes and tendons. proteins are categorized into two.

Animal proteins

These are animal products such as meat, fish, eggs or dairy products. They are also known as complete proteins because they contain all the amino acids you need.

Plant protein

Also known as incomplete protein because they lack one or more amino acids they include; nuts, grains, beans and vegetables. The body does not store amino acids and therefore it needs fresh supply of them every day to make proteins. The amount of protein intake for an individual depends on many factors including their age, activity level, muscle mass state of health and physique.

Intake of proteins can help one burn calories by boosting the metabolic system and reducing a person’s appetite. Proteins also prevent you from not gaining weight to begin with so it makes it easier for one to stick to a weight loss diet either one on low or high carbohydrates. For someone trying to lose weight they should take 150 grams per day.

Muscles and strength are built from proteins so people looking to build muscles should have a diet rich in proteins. For people trying to gain weight or muscles they should take proteins according to their body weight it is recommended that one should take at least 2.2 grams of protein per kg.

People who do tasks that are engaging during the day for example walking a lot, swimming or running require more proteins so they should increase their intake of proteins. Older people also need more protein intake as compared to younger ones this helps prevent conditions such as osteoporosis which is a complication that comes with old age. They should take about 0.45-0.6 grams per pound in relation to their body weight.


Grams of proteins is grams of the macro nutrient protein not the weight of the weight of food containing protein, so when doing a serving take this into consideration if for example a large egg weighs 46 grams but has 6 grams of protein you need two to get 12 grams for a serving. A healthy female who is not exercising a lot should take at least 46-75 grams of proteins per day and a male 56-91 grams. This is just an estimation and adding more proteins would be more beneficial than reducing the quantity.

Having a lot of proteins in one’s diet has no harm because they help one loose extra calories, increase muscles and are also responsible for important tissue growth in the body, it is important for one to know how much proteins they need in relation to their age, daily routines and their health. This way you will be able to have a balanced diet and also give your body foods that help in its growth and also help in fighting diseases.