How to Know It’s Time to Call an Emergency Dentist

How can you tell when your tooth pains and aches are normal, or when a real toothache should get you concerned? The small pains or problems may quickly turn into problems when left untreated. Should you need an emergency dental care, then calling your dentist might be the best decision. Accidents can happen at any time. Some of the oral injuries may need speedy treatment, while others can wait.

Some common type of mouth injuries may include mouth cracks, broken, or knocked down teeth. All these may be as a result of biting a piece of hard food, a sports-related injury, a fall or any other type of an accident. Discussed below are some of the ways on how to know it’s time to call an emergency dentist.

1. Significant Damage to your Teeth

You need to see an emergency dentist if your tooth is entirely loose or out of the socket. Besides, when there is a large piece of teeth broken off, an emergency service is necessary to save the tooth. If left idle for a long time the tooth nerves might die. If you do not get speedy attention for the issue, whether it is sealing the tooth or securing the tooth back in place to fix the damage.

2. Severe Mouth Pain

If you have severe mouth pain, do not ignore it. With that, your body is trying to communicate to you telling you that something is wrong, particularly if does not get better within the first 30 minutes. You can try a first aid combination that includes ice packs, anti-inflammatory and rinsing off your mouth with salt water. If the pain levels still remain to be high to bear, it is a sure sign that you need to see a dentist for diagnostics and testing to help you feel better.

3. Visible Abscess or Pus drainage

Your teeth can become infected, just like other body parts. Having an abscess or a pus is an indicator that something is wrong with your teeth. Firstly, you will require a combination of antibiotics to combat bacterial infections. Afterward, your dentist can schedule for necessary follow-ups to address the decay or cavity issues in the tooth.

4. Gum or Mouth Bleeding

A slight mouth bleed form a bite of tongue or lips can be uncomfortable and irritating, however, it is nothing to worry if the bleeding stops after sometime. However, if the bleeding persists, then it is a sure sign that you need to see an emergency dental care. Emergency services can address this before you run into problems of blood loss. If the blood is coming out of your mouth rapidly, you need to visit the emergency room immediately.

5. Visible swelling that does not improve

Is your face or gums swollen? Are your jaws hard to move or is it impossible to shut correctly? These painful symptoms are an indicator of an infection of your tooth or within your gums. With these signs, you need to see your dentist to get some medical attentions. Having a swollen face or gums that is persistent should be taken lightly especially if it does not go away with time. It is a sure sign that your teeth is not in good condition and you need an emergency dental attention.