Where Should I Honeymoon In California

So your wedding event is finally over; the hassle and the anxiety are all gone. All you want now is to get some rest and make beautiful memories – lasting memories. If you are thinking about the best honeymoon destinations, you may have considered going to California.

Well, that’s a good decision considering that Cali has some of the best honeymoon destinations. The forest scenery, desert oases, mind-blowing ocean views, and other beautiful things await you. If you’re wondering where you can honeymoon in California, consider the following destinations:

1. Yosemite National Park

If a rustic and woodsy adventure is what interests you, look no more. Yosemite National Park should be the perfect destination for your honeymoon. Don’t worry about where you will stay. You can opt to camp or stay in one of the various lodges in the area. While you’re at it, you can decide to rock climb, hike, and also bask as you get amazed by nature’s beauty.

2. San Diego

Looking for a destination with amazing culinary offerings and a diverse culture? If so, consider San Diego as the best destination.

Here, you can enjoy a surfer’s beach, get to walk around the city and enjoy its beauty, as well as dine in Little Italy. There are so many hotels to choose from; you can even decide to go the Airbnb way.click here now to have a look at the different accommodation options you have.

3. Palm Springs

Does the desert and everything related to it seem intriguing to you? If that’s the case, consider Palm Springs for your honeymoon. You’ll get to enjoy the wonders of the desert as well as the Indian Canyons and other natural formations. There are also various vintage boutiques, as well as hotels and restaurants to choose from.

4. Lake Tahoe

If a beautiful body of water makes you feel relaxed, consider staying near Lake Tahoe, as your experience will be nothing short of unbelievable. The calm, fresh waters of the lake will seem to approve of your decision to spend a lifetime with your partner. In the summer, you can enjoy a couple of activities, such as jet-skiing, hiking, and others.

5. Los Angeles

No matter what your interests are, you are guaranteed that Los Angeles has something for you and your partner. You can choose to visit the museum, attend different concerts, sit on the grass and enjoy a beautiful view of the city, enjoy sunsets at Santa Monica Pier, etc. There’s so much you can do in Los Angeles as newlyweds.